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Tanzania Outreach

KibetaEnglish Medium Primary School is a private school in the town of Bukoba in the northeast corner of Tanzania directly on the shore of Lake Victoria. Children receive a quality education while living in a safe and protected environment. Students living on campus are given three meals a day while studying as many as eleven subjects. From 5 year olds to 12 years of age, these children take their education as a privilege and apply themselves realizing at a very young age that this is their future. For most of these children, this is the first time that they have actually slept in a bed let alone on their own mattress! Prior to coming to KEMPS, many of these children received only one meal a day. In a country where unemployment is very high and the average income is $0.68 per hour, education is a most valuable and cherished commodity. For about $2 per day, you can save a young child from poverty and a life with no future.

In October of 2016, we hand delivered 18 Pen-pal letters to students at KEMPS. This January, we mailed 86 Pen-pal letters to the students and teachers at KEMPS who now have a warm personal relationship with some special children and adults at Grace Lutheran Church! Also in January, twin sisters, Aileeth and Aireen, were chosen by members of the Grace family and are now being supported to a good education and therefore a goodfuture. Thanksto the generosity of the Grace Family, we now have nine boys and girls that are receiving a quality education at KEMPS. Asante Sana Grace!

If you are interested in providing hope for a child in Tanzania, please contact Bob Schnut.

***In the Narthex there are letters from James, James' father, Allan and his grandmother thanking Grace for supporting their education! Take a few minutes to read these heartfelt letters.