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Tanzania Outreach

Children of KEMPS

Julius with Mother and Sister
Julius with his Mother and Sister

Hello ( Hodi ), my name is Julius.  I live with my mother and my younger sister Julieth.  Last year my father abandoned us and my mother is struggling.  I just turned 7 and my sister is 4.  I presently walk 3 kilometers to a government school but thanks to a member of Grace I will be able to attend KEMPS in January.   I just passed the entrance exam, Hooray!  When I was taking the exam my sister and mother accompanied me.  Since my little sister was present, she also took the entrance exam for Kindergarten and she passed !!  This January we will both attend KEMPS and live on campus.  We will now have 3 meals a day and my mother doesn’t have to worry about feeding us.  Thank you Grace for giving my family hope and a future.  What a great Christmas present !!